New product iPhone4 Power Portable Back Up Battery Case available in store !

The iPhone4 Power Portable Back up Battery Case is currently available at 123inkcartridges, with the superior design and their premium quality, this iPhone battery case enable you to solve the notorious battery shortage issue and makes you look more artistic appealing no matter where you are. Currently, BestBuy is currently selling the similar item for $129.99, why not just pay $68.95 at our online store for the quality which is totally equivalent? Forget even mentioning about the 5% off coupon, make sure you don’t miss it since the coupon expiration date is on Jan 31th.

The iPhone4 Power Portable Back Up Battery Case is especially designed to innovate the iPhone protection and battery longevity by providing external power support, the material is made by polycarbonate hard case which is commonly used at the industrial level to prevent collisions, bumps or scratches, the imbued lithium battery enables you to boost up your battery more than double, unlike other traditional battery cases, the iPhone4 Power Portable Back Up Battery Case is very easy to use in term of installation and removal procedure, also, this product come in the package with a USB charger, this is definitely an ultimate tool that you will like to have on your hand.

As represent from 123inkcartridgs , we are dedicated to our clients by offering good product but below-average price, at the same time, your satisfaction will be guaranteed. For ordering our product, please consult us at or you can try our toll free number 1866-979-746.

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