HP 320G Pocket Media Hard Drive available now!

HP 320G Pocket Media Hard Drive

HP Pocket Media Hard Drive 320GB with a zippered protect case

HP 320GB Pocket Media External Hard Drive is arriving at www.123ink.ca today!

First impression of HP 2.5″ pocket Media Hard Drive is definitely the sleek design and the lightness of this drive. Not only does it look nice, feel nice, and small enough to take with you wherever, but the built in drive slot is also well designed and does not hamper access to internal components on the system board.

With the drive slot and USB cable, HP 320G pocket media can be used on a lot of computers (both laptops and desktops), even it is compatible with Mac! And it is Plug-n-Play on all of them without a single hitch, So easy to use!

Plus, the package comes complete with a zippered semi-hard-shell case and a 20″ USB cable ( it automatically plugs into the slot in the PC ). The HP Pocket Drive 320GB is a GREAT accessory to your Desktop Computers or Laptops!

Well designed, uiltra portable, great feel, easy to use, super convenient…what more can you ask for this drive unit? Order your HP Pocket Media Drive PD3200 today!

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