Astonishing deal-5 in 1 Universal USB power & data cable

Good news! Our 5 in 1 Universal USB power & data cable(iPod/iPhone, PSP, NDS, NDS-lite, Mini USB, HTC) has finally arrived in store and selling in the amazing price that is as low as $12.5, with this cable on hands, you no longer need to worry about spending ridiculously high-priced cables with beautiful packaging from futureshop or Stable but ended up with full disappointment since the cost and quality doesn’t seem to fit, this is perhaps one of the reason which turns out our 5 in 1 Universal USB power & data cable become one of the hot sales, since firstly, we offers better products in term of quality and services and secondly, we only asked you to buy this cable ONCE but not multiple cables for separate items! I guess that the smart customers like you must realize the differences.

The Universal USB power & data link cable is designed for multifunctional purposes which included both recharging and data transfer, this Universal data link cable allows you to connect your iPhone/iPod, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, DS Lite or even GBA etc, all of this coming in a 4” length cable, which enables you to transfer data in a simplistic manner no matter if is from desktop PC or laptop, it is also very convenient if you bring your devices outdoor, highly recommended for gamers.

As being for one of the cost leaders from office supplies to electronic items, we are proudly to present you our products with best quality and below average price, at the same time; your satisfaction will be guaranteed. For ordering our product, please consult our web site or you can try our toll free number 1866-979-7463 for further concerns.

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