VERBATIM 700 MB 52x 80Minute Recordable Disc CD-R, 50-Disc Spindle Cakebox

If you are looking for perfect media to store your digital images, movies,documents and other data,

VERBATIM 700 MB CD-R is your best choice!!


The cheap price $16.99 in

Let’s look at its quality feature

* VERBATIM CD-R has reinforced packaging to minimize accident damage from storage.

* VERBATIM CD-R has 100 year archival life.  IT also compatible with all current CD/DVD recorders and players.

* VERBATIM CD-R has reusable “cake box” spindle protection from dust and damage for your long term storage.

* VERBATIM CD-R has 52X writing speed. It is the fastest CD recordable media technology now.


* VERBATIM CD-R is ideal for storing digital images, music,documents and movies for burning at high speeds.

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