Unbeatable Christmas Special for Pocket Expanding File, Cheque Book Folder

The arrival of Christmas means celebration of the year but moreover it also imply large amount of account payable needs to be cleared, that is why having file manager like our Pocket Expanding File, Cheque Book Folder will be one of the efficient way to manage your personal documents without causing any trouble, there is nothing that you could ever imagine by knowing how easy you life will be by having our product. Our Pocket Expanding File, Cheque Book Folder is currently available in store and selling in the price as low as $9.99 for pack, do not miss the chance!

This Pocket Expanding File, Cheque Book Folder is made by hard plastic which is specially designed for heavy-duty usage; the material is also water- proofed and space adjustable for ensuring your file’s safety and conveniency. The file folder also included marker tags for identifying your file location inside the folder, the ultralight-weight design has made this product become extremely portable and this product is serving in term of different packages, colors and sizes.

The model numbers are including :A313R, A313VP,A313G,A313BL,A313Y.

As represent from 123inkcartridgs.ca, we are dedicated to our clients is by offering good product but below-average price, at the same time, we also make sure that your satisfaction will be our priority. By ordering our product, please visit us via web site www.123ink.ca or you can try our toll free number 1866-979-7463 for further concerns.

Please refer to the following table for further information :


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