Paper Shredder troubleshooting guide

As being one of the essential tools that people apply to ensure file safety, paper shredder ranked one of the important devices that we cannot live without it; however, even how convenient the paper shredder is , there are still chances that you will be likely to encounter issues. Fortunately, most of the issue can be easily solved, in this article we would like to provide some tips regard to prevention and troubleshooting methods before the problems occur.

Identify the problem

Most of the common problems that shredder cause are listed in the following three categories, those problems are notoriously known as “paper jam”, “mechanical problem” and “shredder failure”, when such problems occur, DO NOT PANIC! Make sure if the problems are considered one of them, please read the following guide before starting further actions.

Paper Jam issue

1.    Turn off your machine first and remove any paper clogging if possible (Warning: never force the shredder teeth for avoiding bending them)
2.    Press the power button to re-open your machine after cool off and switch to activate the “reverse” function for ejecting the paper, you might also pull on the stuck paper gently or using tweezers for removing those small particles from the paper
3.    If the above method will not apply in the case, try to soak the stuck paper with shredder oil for approximately 15 minutes and repeat the action listed above. Most likely the issue will be resolved
4.    If the problem still occurs, a suspect of power supply or circuit breaker failure might encounter and you will have to consult professionals. If the machine if under warranty, consult your original manufacture will be strongly recommended.

Preventive Tips:

  • Plug the paper on right position, do not attempt to shred too many documents at once
  • Make sure the supply of power will fit the requirements for your machine
  • Regularly put shredding oil on the blades of the machine and sharpen the teeth of the shredder

Mechanical problem

1.    If the shredder stops operating automatically, unplug the machine
2.    Allow the machine to cool down for approximately half an hour, the reason might contributed to motor overheated
3.    Sometimes the shredder motor run continuously even you have finished feeding paper, if that is the case, check if there is anything blocking the sensor of the machine, and if the motor only runs in reverse-mode, the sensor may be detecting some blockage which needs to remove.Shredder Failure

Shredder Failure

Sometimes you can’t fix the issue which caused by inner collapse, the best option is to replace a new one.
1.    If the shredder overheats and unable to restart, it may be burned up
2.    If the paper feeds unable to perform cutting function, then the cutting blades may be dulled or bent
3.    If the shredder motor runs but unable to pull the paper, you might have to check whether there is damages regard to your feed mechanism or shredder teeth.

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