HP C4780 ink and printer at unbeatable price!

HP C4780 ink and printer are at unbeatable prices this week. You save $50 for HP C4780 printer at BestBuy until Dec 9th. Meanwhile, you can save more with HP C4780 ink at 123ink.ca. It is truly an amazing deal that you shall not miss.

HP C4780

HP C4780

HP C4780 printer comes with 1.45″ LCD, so that you can review and print photos using a memory card without computer. The printer can even automatically remove red-eye before you print. Apart from that, HP C4780 uses paper more efficiently by printing multiple pages onto each side of the paper using the Paper-saving Printing option.

Getting quality ink for HP C4780 at minimum express is also fundamental. Check out our remanufactured ink for HP C4780 (HP 60 ink) which you could save more than you think. After considerable time and effort in the research and testing of our product, we managed to provide remanufactured HP 60 ink for HP C4780 at the same quality and capacity of ink as original brother products, but less than half price.

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