New Arrival iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard

Like many other mobile devices, the implementation of Bluetooth technology has become one of the key roles which permits user-friendly platform, until now, the Bluetooth technology has finally arrived to Apple related products. Since Bluetooth technology uses radio frequencies within limited distance to allows us to send/receive information wirelessly, today, we would like to guide you how to connect your Bluetooth keyboard via iPad, iPhone 3G/S, 4G, iPod Touch in the few steps:

For iPhone 4G/3GS (Un-Jailbreak):

1.    Switch on your Bluetooth Keyboard device in the back and press the “connect” button, in the front of keyboard you will notify a flashing light at the top-right where you see the “battery sign”.
2.    Turn on the Bluetooth from your iPhone/IPad by entering “Setting” “General”, once you open your Bluetooth connection then your devices will be automatically detected the keyboard, pressing the tab to enter to the configuration mode.
3.    Once selected the keyboard option, a box will pop up, make sure you type the enlisted 4 digit pass code and press “enter” using your keyboard set, you will see “connected” from the device tab.
4.    Press your device “Home” button and you can start typing, make sure you open a link break before typing and you can also use the “hot key” features on the top of the keyboard.

For iPhone 3G

If you already jailbreaked your devices, then there are chances that your devices will not be detected, in most of the case, you will find a “recycling” sign running continuously without any further detections, hence, you will need addition app to be installed in your device.

1.    Go to Cydia and search a paid app name “BTstack Keyboard”($4.99), download the application
2.    Once the application installed, make sure the current Bluetooth option is OFF and turn on the keyboard and press the “connect” button for entering pairing mode.
3.    Open your “BTstack Keyboard” application, a pop out box will be showing off, press “OK” to confirm and use your keyboard to type the 4 digits pass code for finishing the pairing process. If nothing appears from the detection, reboot both your device and keyboard and repeat the above procedure.
4.    You will see an “on” sign in your “BTstach Keyboard” which means your Bluetooth connection is on set. Warning: some firmware below OS 4.0 did not fully support the “hot key” features, however you can still enable to type.

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