Biggest Clearance Sale! Count on!

clearance sale items

clearance sale items

The biggest promotion of computers, monitors and printers! If you want something that is good quality, 123inkcartridges’s clearance sale of 2010 year is a good choice for you!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our optimal products and great services. Check out the list of products of our Clearance Sale:





Great value for the money!! The deals of this clearance sale are in limited quantity only! From 01 to 20 December 2010. Pick up only in Montreal office ! (7365, Rue Chouinard Lasalle QC H8N 2L6)

For more items of our biggest clearance sale, log in our website at and discover more.  Bookmark our web page and you are one step closer to real savings.

You can also contact our toll free number: 1-866-979-7463 for our customer service.

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