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You are invited! Don’t miss your chance to get a $5 coupon. Help us serve you better, tell us your story about any experience you’ve had with us Email your story to for a $5 coupon! Once you email your story to us, you will receive an confirmation email.
Hurry! Offer ends November 7th, 2010.

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Vous êtes invité. Ne manquez pas votre chance à obtenir un coupon de 5$! Aidez-nous à mieux vous servir, parlez-nous l’une de vos expériences avec nous, Envoyez votre histoire à pour un coupon de rabais de 5$! Dès que vous aurez envoyé votre histoire, vous receverez une confirmation par email. Dépêchez-vous, l’offre finit le 7 novembre, 2010.

13 comments on “Tell and Save

  1. Solo Continuity

    Ok, this is my first time trying your product, recommended by a friend. I have an Epson CX8400 and print photographs and lots of colour documents. Even on sale I’m paying over $70 for the ink I need, several times a year. I’m hoping that what my friend says about the quality is true. If so, it’ll be a pleasure ordering from you from now on. The printer manufacturers have been taking us for a very expensive ride for too long.

    Will write again, once I have tested the product.

  2. Jean Hoddinott

    You should include the info in the above ad stating that the coupon does not apply to OEM or on sale items. I wrote my story and received email confirmation, but when I went to order OEM ink cartridges, it said the $5 coupon did not apply. I was very disappointed!

  3. Robert Davies

    The service I received was excellent. I had a question and it was answered promptly and confidently. The ink cartridges arrived and I was very pleased with the quality. I saved a bundle on the purchase compared to the retail stores. From Staples 83.60 + tax compared to 19.98 at 123 InkCartridges for 2 sets and that included shipping.

    Thank you.

  4. Alias Ahmad

    One of my experience with is that I needed 2 ink cartridges: 1 black and 1 color. So I bought them a few weeks from now! So when I received it (a day after), my friend came to my house for supper, and the gift that he bought me was the 2 cartridges, I needed! I think that he got me the cartridges because I was always complaining about not having ink! 🙂 So now I have 2 cartridges of each black and color, but I don’t mind because your cartridges work perfectly!! Thanks 🙂


  5. Marie-Eve

    J’ai acheté une cartouche pour mon imprimante et elle m’a coutée 80$ de moins qu’au magasin. Je suis super satisfaite et je vais continuer à faire affaire avec!

  6. Peter Rychlik

    I have been visiting your website for a while now and really enjoy the products and prices. I am really satisfied with your toner/inkjet selection and its pricing. I would however like to see the office supplies section expanded a bit. The layout of the website is great and easy to follow. Keep up the good work. Thanks again !!

  7. Ralph Towsley

    Just received my first order from you. I have a suggestion. It is difficult to see what color is in the cartridge. I can figure it out but you have baffled my wife completely. Please put a better indication on the package that identifies the color.



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