Portable 4GB MP3 Player is currently on sale!

Fashion and conveniency has come to our new-release Portable 4GB MP3 Player. If you are looking for something that is really different but a simplistic portable device for listening to music or file sharing, here www.123ink.ca must be the right place for you. Our portable 4GB MP3 player is now available in store for $39.99 only!

Unlike the traditional IPod-related products, Portable 4GB MP3 player is really easy to access and control in term of switching songs and volume, you could transfer your song tracks or files simply by drag and drop instead of using the complicated ITunes, the Portable 4GB MP3 Player packs 4 GB of storage which enable you to stock up more than 1000 songs, the 2.0 USB allows you the full compatibility from any integrated USB connector, the battery is up to 4 hours of playback, Portable 4GB MP3 Player also supports the both Windows Vista/XP/Mac OS with different formats such as MP3,VBR, AAC, M4A and WAV, more importantly, it can also serves as a flash memory and the same time a convenient voice recorder, with this small thing on hand, you no longer need to worry about buying an IPod.

We 123inkcatridges.ca offer you the Portable 4GB MP3 Player on every demand for providing a superior music/file sharing experience. Please contact us via web site http://www.123ink.ca/ for further question regard to product specification or services, you can also feel free to try our toll free number 1-866-979-7463 for further question and concerns, we commit to offer you the best deal more than you could ever imagine.

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