More Portable Mobile Chargers for Iphone & Ipod Series arrived!

More Portable Mobile Charger for Iphone & Ipod Series arrived in with the price of only $15.99. With light weight and pretty outlooks, it can be carried easily and charged conveniently by put into the original power socket of Iphone & Ipod series products will bring you more convenience when you are in outdoor.
If the battery of Portable Mobile Charger for Iphone & Ipod Series is full- charged, it cab provide the Iphone & ipod products at least one cycle power. This item can be charged via USB port of working PC and Laptop or via AC adapter.4 LED lights on left upside flash when charging the iPhone & Ipod series products, no flash when the power is lower than 2.8v, showing the capacity of the battery when pressing the button on right upside.
Isn’t it a good deal for much more convenience? So just don’t miss to save more money in .
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