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    Dot matrix printers where released into the market in 1970 by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) who then launched their LA30 printer series.The basis for the dot matrix printer technology is that tiny pins transfer ink through an ink ribbon upon the impact between the pin and the paper. The pins are normally aligned in a matrix (hence the name “Dot Matrix Printer”) containing 9 or 24 pins where the container of the pins is called the printhead.An E could for example look like below on a 9 pin dot matrix printer, the more pins the printer got the higher the resolution.

    While it may be true that laser and inkjet printers have taken over the printer market,you don’t often see many printers using ribbon today they can still be perfectly suited to certain settings. Also,they can offer some of the cheapest prices per page compared to laser and inkjet.if you really need low cost printing it makes sense to use a ribbon cartridge like the Epson Purple Ribbon Cartridges, we can offer you the Epson purple ribbon Cartridges with great print quality and reliable performance.

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