Whiteboard Marker, Permanent Marker, Lowest Price Marker!

permanent marker & whiteboard marker

Searching for the lowest price whiteboard marker and permanent marker? Don’t take for granted that dollarama is the answer, check the products we offer before you come to any conclusion. As low as $2.99/pack, whiteboard marker and permanent marker have never been so affordable.

Our whiteboard marker and permanent marker are manufactured by the best stationery company in China – Lotus Inc. The brand “True Color” explains the high standard of the products. With its own ink-source, and a tip made of a porous material and nylon, our markers are very comfortable to write. The colors of the permanent markers are sharp, long-lasting and waterproof, perfect for logistic use. On the other hand, our whiteboard marker allows you to write smoothly and wipe off conveniently, ideal for office and school.  If you can settle for markers from dollarama, why not try something cheaper with better quality.

Apart from our cheapest whiteboard marker and permanent marker, we have a range of office and school supplies to offer. Best prices for the best products. To celebrate Thanksgiving, also as a reward to our deal customers, we are offering 5% off on our regular price items until the end of this month. Use coupon code thanksgiving5” and save more.

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