Unbelievably Cheap! Laptop Screen Protector for $2.99

Can this be any cheaper? Laptop Screen Protector for $2.99 on selective sizes at 123ink.ca! Now you don’t need to worry about dust, water spots and fingerprints at all, when reading news or watching movies on your computer. If you consider LCD screen as the most fragile part of your computer, then it is time to have it protected with our high quality laptop screen protector at minimum expenses.

Made of hard coated PET film with silicone adhesive, our laptop screen protector will add smudge and scratch-resistance to your screen. It is easy to apply and convenient to remove without leaving any residue on your screen. The colors of your screen will remain rich and sharp. It is delicately made to fit your screen perfectly and super-thin that you could barely notice. For all these excellent features, you could get it at the lowest price of $2.99. What’s more you could ask for?


Expect your laptop and desktop to last longer, a screen protector is essential. Tired of cleaning your LCD screen from time to time, a screen protector is fundamental. Find more sizes of laptop screen protectors as well as fabulous laptop skins at 123ink.ca, you are about to get amazed.

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