TP-LINK WN722N Wireless Adapter Great Deal!

View of the device

View of the device

If you are looking for an adapter with excellent performance but cheap price, the TP-LINK WN722N Wirless High Gain USB Adapter will be the best choice forever! It is a very useful device enabling connectivity to WiFi networks.

Now, with 123inkcartridges, TP LINK WN 722N just for $22.99, what an amazing deal!

Famous for its High Gain Design, The TP-LINK WN722N Wireless Adapter allows to receive/transmit data at speeds up to 150 Mb/s. This is the maximum data transfer speed in the 802.11n standard in the case of using a single antenna.

Another handy feature Quick Security Setup, allows easy configuration of wireless device. Pressing QSS button on the device and the AP, you triggers automatic configuration of both devices. The whole procedure takes about just 10 seconds.

View of the packaging

View of the packaging

Plus, The TP-LINK WN722N Wireless Adapter is connected to USB port, so it is well suited for portable computers.

Do not miss this great chance for this elegant and stylish design adapter and a  better Internet experience, Pick up your TP-LINK WN722N Wireless High Gain USB Adapter today!

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