Cheque Book Folder On Sale! Amazing Price!

Need a functional and stylish Cheque Book Folder to arrange your cheques? Come and visit us at We offer cheque book folder value pack with four colors (blue/green/yellow/red) for $5.99, the product is definitely more than worthy.

Our cheque book folder is made of light and durable plastic that you could carry it anywhere you go. Any drop or scratch will not damage it at all, and you could use it year after year. With separating tags, you could turn pages and find the appropriate cheque in a second. Also with adjustable space, not only your cheque but also other expanding files could fit in it perfectly. Coming with four candy colors, the cheque book folder is so beautiful that you could even match it with your evening gown.


Right now order this cheque book foder, you could enjoy an additional 10% off with coupon code “123office10”. Coupon code is applicable to most of office products in our company. Find the best and safest place to put away your cheques, find it at

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