2010 World Cup iPhone Case, Souvenir of The Year!

Celebrate the greatest event of 2010, World Cup iPhone case is one of the best souvenir! Maybe you are not crazy about football, maybe your country didn’t make to the last round, but for sure you witnessed and felt the passion of the 2010 World Cup. The competition is over, but no matter which country took the ultimate championship, you will always be proud of the performance of your country and your favorite team.  To memorize this incredible event, our featured 2010 world cup iPhone 3G/3GS case is the best souvenir.

Based on their unforgettable journey in 2010 world cup, our special designed iPhone cases are contributed to the following four countries: England/Argentina/Germany/Spain. We witnessed every efforts made by the brave and proud British fighters, we were sincerely sorry for the unexpected failure of the team led by the legendary Maradona, we were surprised and thrilled to watch the quick and efficient attack of the young Germen team,  and  we cheer for the winner of 2010 world cup, another brilliant country to take the ultimate honor!

Show your endless love to your most favorite country with our 2010 world cup iPhone 3G/3GS cases. It is not just a souvenir but also a functional device to protect every edge of your iPhone 3G/3GS. For $5.99, isn’t it a must have souvenir of this year? Items just have limited quantity in stock at www.123ink.ca. Do not wait until too late when you know you could preserve it now!

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