Tips for installing screen protectors.

Do you know how to install the screen protector when you own a laptop, computer, or a TV? As selling the screen protectors, we are also providing the tips for installing screen protectors.
Please follow the tips below to make it well:
1 Make sure your Laptop is completely clean of dust, grime, and oil. You won’t be able to remove them after you install the protector. If you get dust or lint on the sticky side of the protector, you can try and remove then
with a tweezers.
2 Whatever you do, do NOT touch the sticky side of the protector. Your oils weaken the glue and there’s a good
chance of leaving a permanent fingerprint.
3 Find a good squeegee. Don’t use credit cards with hard or rough edges the protector can be scratched or warped if you use too much pressure or something too hard.
4 Without removing the backing, align the protector on your Laptop making sure that the buttons and the D-Pad fit properly.
5 You’ll notice the backing is cut smaller on the left side than the right. While holding down the protector,
remove the left side backing slowly and use the squeegees to stick the protector onto it.
6 Check the alignment on the right side. If it looks crooked, repeat step 5.
7 With the left side stuck on, carefully wipe off any dust or oil on the right side again.
8 Hold the left side of the protector in place and slowly peel back the backing on the right side. As you peel it
back, use the squeegees to apply the protector to your laptop.The slower you go, the less likely you’ll get air
9 Use light pressure and slowly push any bubbles out.
10 You’re done. Save the backing in the plastic bag it came in case you need to reapply the protector.
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