Ribbons, ribbons everywhere!

Finally our ink ribbons are here. For all of our customer who needs ribbons for their ribbon printer, you can now purchase a wide variety of ribbons at 123InkCatridges.ca! After a lot of demands for ribbons here’s all we got for you. With products like the

IBM 4224 Black Ribbon

IBM 4224 Black Ribbon

IBM 4224 New Compatible Black Ribbon at only $17.30 or Epson LQ100 New Compatible Black Ribbon 6/Pack for $22.99.

Ribbons are used inside dot matrix printers.A dot matrix printer or impact matrix printer is a type of computer printer with a print head that runs back and forth, or in an up and down motion, on the page and prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper, much like the print mechanism on a typewriter.

Ribbons and Dot matrix are older than the printer we now know but they do have some advantages:

Dot matrix printers, like any impact printer, can print on multi-part stationery or make carbon-copies.

Epson LQ100 Black Ribbon

Epson LQ100 Black Ribbon

Impact printers have one of the lowest printing costs per page. As the ink is running out, the printout gradually fades rather than suddenly stopping partway through a job. They are good, reliable workhorses ideal for use in situations where printed content is more important than quality. The ink ribbon also does not easily dry out, including both the ribbon stored in the casing as well as the portion that is stretched in front of the print head; this unique property allows the dot-matrix printer to be used in environments where printer duty can be rare, for instance, as with a Fire Alarm Control Panel’s output.

With their cheap price and high efficiency ribbons are a good choice for your impact printer. At 123Inkcartridges we supply a lot of different ribbons that will help you solve all of your ribbons problems.

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