A cheaper and greener alternative, Universal Refill Kits!

Is your cartridge empty once again? Are cartridges to expensive for a simple refill? Why should you throw away a cartridge because it’s empty? There is a solution and alternative to all those questions and problems. The universal Refill kit will help you print in no time and save some money. Refilling has never been so easy, cheap and green. We offer two universal refill kits, one for color that contains all the colors in your average color cartridge and one for the black cartridges. Both of them for the cheap price of 9.99$. The refill kits for black cartridges contains 3 capsules of 30ml filled with black ink.

Refilling Cartridges

Refilling Cartridges

Also all those refill kits can be kept for up to 2 years on your shelf. That means that you can always buy some and keep them for emergency refilling situation. Refilling cartridges is also a much greener solution than throwing away your used cartridges. Refilling The universal refill kits will work with most of the following brands cartridges:

The refill kit also comes with all the tools you need to do a complete refill. Also the great compatibility of the universal refill kit save the consumer the time of searching for the right brand of refill kit or cartridge for his or her printer.

Refill kit may seem like a lot of trouble but with their cheap price of 9.99$, green alternative and time saver they do offer a great solution for you empty cartridge problems.

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