Toner Cartridges for Samsung CLX-3160FN.

We are selling the toner cartridges CLP-300 series Combo set with the price only $69.99!
The Samsung CLX-3160FN has been designed to fit any workspace, weighing in at only 45.1 lbs, and sized at 18″ x 16″ x 19″. This space-saving design lets you keep the Multi-Function Printer (MFP) close to your workstation. Imagine a simple and fast way to connect your camera or phone directly to the printer. Samsung’s CLX-3160FN provides USB ports for you to instantly print various image files. The CLX-3160FN also features a USB Direct Scan feature and NO-NOIS? technology. Weighing in at only 45 lbs, it’s designed to fit any workspace.
We are selling the toner cartridges of CLP-300 series for this CLX-3160FN with the best price and good quality.


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And contact us as: 1-866-979-7463 for placing order.
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