UNBELIEVABLE! HP Photosmart c4780 Ink On Sale

Unbelievable! HP Photosmart c4780 printer/inks are on sale! Find the printer in The Source for only $99.99, you could save up to $50; at the same time, we 123inkcartridges offer you remanufactured ink cartridges for HP c4780 at unbelievable low price. The saving for printer is once in a long term, while as a consumable part of a printer, the most cost-effective expense is on printer ink cartridges.

HP c4780 printer/ink has a number of admirable features: it is small and compact, nicely rounded, with a shiny black plastic body. Not only does it look fashionable, but it is very easy to use with a 1.45-inch Touch Smart Frame and very productive. What has been applauded the most is the handling capability of HP c4780, since it makes this printer very economical.


Talking about cost-effective, you ought to take a look at our remanufactured ink cartridges for HP Photosmart c4780. The cartridges are recycled from OEM Hp 60 by our manufactured to ensure they will fit for the printer physically, while the refilled inks are of the same quality and quantity as original HP inks. Do not hesitate to purchase, you will never know how great it is until you give it a shot.

2 comments on “UNBELIEVABLE! HP Photosmart c4780 Ink On Sale

  1. Yat

    I have bought a HP60 from the market that was not usable (Indicating ink low error). I think the problem is I have bought a No-Chip cartridge. Are you selling the re-manufactured Ink Cartridges that are Chip-ed? What is the meaning of the “WN” in part No. CC640WN? Does it mean Not-Chiped? And if a part No. with “WC” means Chiped?

    1. vanessawang

      Dear Yat, the HP 60 compatible is normally with chip.The compatible cartridges of HP 60 we sale are with chip.


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