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In order to better communicate with our customers and provide them with our latest news as soon as possible, has set up an account on Facebook. Join us on our Facebook wall for up-to-date information on our promotions, sales, new item arrivals, special events and all kinds of information you need to know about your printer and cartridges. So if you happen to log on Facebook, give us a visit at our 123inkcartridges Facebook Wall, you might just find a deal that will save you lots of money! And that’s not all! We’ll put up special promotions and offers exclusive to our Facebook customers, ones that will not be found anywhere else!! Since it’s absolutely free to stay in touch with us with Facebook, there is no reason to miss this chance to save money!

And it’s not always about money. Through Facebook, we will organize fun and small activities that will give you a chance to win various prizes! So staying in touch with us doesn’t just save you money, it can give you gifts too! We’ll also help you waste time by giving you fun thing to do like paperfolding instruction and paper models which you can print out, make them yourself and decorate your desk with them.

Our prices for ink cartridges and toners are the lowest through out Canada! You can save up to 75% on ink cost buying from! And that’s not all, we’ll have promotions for Easter season as well, so don’t miss this chance to get ink and toner at a lower than lowest price. Be sure to visit our blog for more details on the promotion when the time comes! We give free shipping for orders over $49.00 before tax, so you can buy more and pay less!

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