Canon Compatible Cartridge Chip Change Process

Canon Compatible Chip Change Process is for Canon New Compatible PGI-5 black/ CLI-8 Series (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Photo Cyan/Photo Magenta)

No chip ink cartridges means that you need replace the chips from the original OEM (genuine) Canon PGI-5BK or CLI-8 series ink cartridges to the new compatible ink cartridges.

The chip can be reused many times, be fitted unto new ink compatible cartridges.  You can switch back to using’s Canon New Compatible ink cartridges with chip at any time, and the ink status monitor will be restored.  The chip is a newly designed and patented device aimed at making consumers more reluctant to buy OEM cartridges.  When you replace the chip by yourself, the ink counter in the chip may gives you a message on the printer “empty” or “ink status cannot be recognized”, you need to press the reset button for more than 10 seconds to release the ink status monitor for the cartridge.

Please following the detailed and easy-to-follow instructions to replace the chip:


If you encounter a blinking amber light after new

cartridge installation on the printer.

  • For IP Series Printers: Holding the paper feed button down for 5-10 seconds, will allow you to override the counter. The cartridge will print , however, the ink level display may not show.
  • For MP Series Printers: Holding the STOP/RESET button down for 5-10 seconds, will allow you to override the counter. The cartridge will print ,however, the ink level display may not show

For more detail information, Please check our website:
You can also contact us as: 1-866-979-7463.

12 comments on “Canon Compatible Cartridge Chip Change Process

  1. J Byron Parsons

    these instructions are not easily followed , particulairily due to small size of the chip. Neither is it very acceptable to call for use of double sided adhesive tape for transfer of the chip. I don’t have any.The 1st cartridge used containing the chip was discarded to ‘garbage’ & was not then available to be re-used. Additionally, both attemptes to insert a new cartridge resulted in ink spills – what a mess, no matter how carefully handled. These catridges are a ‘rip-off’ & I feel you should replace (at least 3) with the ‘CHIP” type. ….

  2. kevinliu

    Dear Parsons,

    We’re very sorry for your inconveniences,

    The chips are pressure fit, they come off with a little push from an exacto knife behind them and requires no adhesive to be placed.

    If you find replacing the chips troublesome, we have the cartridges with chips. They can be found here:

    Thank you for your comment Customer Service

  3. Catherine Robson

    Given the unclear instructions, and the fact that my old ink cartridges spent a few days in the recycling bin, and now are not particularly clean, AND another person’s comments regarding the mess that ensued while trying to re-use their chips, I am VERY hesitant to try this. I feel that I was not adequately informed when I purchased this round of ink from you, as this was not an issue the other times, and I really had no idea what a ‘chip’ was, I just knew I had not purchased that before. I think you should send me new ink, because if re-using is going to result in a big mess of spilled ink, which could damage my printer, it’s going to cost me a lot of money in the long run. I will be very hesitant to order anything from you again.

  4. Heather

    Why have you deleted my post? And without a response? You have done nothing to satisfy a displeased customer. As mentioned by the above dissatisfied customers, your instructions and provided information are very unclear. At this point it would appear that you have shipped me product that is totally useless to me. From your ‘help’, I cannot even tell what or where the chip is supposed to be.

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Heather,

      We have not delete any comments, it could be the technical issue that our blog was under maintenance, please accept our apology and about the unclear information which you mentioned, we will make sure to provide a better info source in the future so people will not have confusion anymore. You can also provide us your order number and our customer agent will be likely to help you out. Again, we are very sorry for the troubles in which we had caused.

  5. david

    I received the order today, and it was short 1 item. The call the customer service, and he was rude, and not helpful. I tried the cartridge and not work. No instruction come along with shipment. I thought that I will save some money, but I end up cost me more money. I don’t think that I will never order again, or recommend to anybody.

    1. andrewlu

      Hi David,

      Would you mind if you provide us your order number so we will be able to help you? Again, we are sincerely sorry for all the troubles that we have occurred.

  6. Steve

    It says:

    “No chip ink cartridges means that you need replace the chips from the original OEM (genuine) Canon PGI-5BK or CLI-8 series ink cartridges to the new compatible ink cartridges.”

    Does that mean that if you buy your cartridges that are ‘with chip’ (but not genuine canon), we can’t swap those chips onto the no chip ones? Are they not the same chips?


    1. andrewlu

      Hi Steve,

      Regard to your question, our “with chip” compatible ink cartridge is ready to use on the printer
      you don’t have to put the OEM chip on them, the chip on those compatible ink cartridges are not the same as the OEM chips, but they will work on the printer anyway.

  7. Deanna Maxwell

    Hi, I purchased ink on order #517788 on Aug. 8 2012 and put the compatible ink cartridges into my Canon MX7600 printer and right away I had problems. The ink isn’t working, I have gone through all of the printer maintenance settings on my printer and the blue as well as the yellow don’t work. Just the other day I had to order new inks, and I purchased the oem cartridges, but I feel that I didn’t get any useful prints out of the compatible inks at all. Please contact me if I can send these back to you for a credit. They are not a product I will ever try again.

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Deanna,

      First of all, we apologize to the troubles that we had caused, regard to your problem, I recommend you to contact to with a prove of error code picture so we can offer solution to you, sometimes it could be tiny problem which could be easily fixed by your hand, and if it found to be our problem, we will refund or resend you a new cartridge. Let us know.


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