6 Tips for SAVING on HP Ink Cartridges

TIP #1–Separate Color Printing from Black and White
Using color ink cartridges to print documents in black and white could be very costly, because your color ink cartridges have also taken part in finishing this job. However, you could easily achieve this goal by switch the mode to “Black and White print”. Unless you are printing a document that HAS to be in color, opt for a black and white print instead to make sure you just use Black ink.

TIP #2 – Print in Draft Mode
If the documents you print do not have to be astonishing good, choose “Draft Mode” will cut down the ink consumption to a great extend. Use draft mode whenever appropriate, because the print out will be just fine and you could save a lot of ink.

TIP #3 –Buy Compatible/Remanufactured HP Ink Cartridges from High-Quality Suppliers
The most efficient way to cut down the expense is to purchase Compatible or Remanufactured ink cartridges, since they are much cheaper but of great quality. We 123inkcartridges offer a great number of high-quality HP ink cartridges that cover almost all HP printers. In additional, all the products you purchased in our company have ONE-YEAR warranty.

TIP #4 – Buy Your Ink Cartridges in Bulk and Get Extra Black
Another trick to save more money is to purchase HP ink cartridges in bulk rather than one color at a time. Not just because a bulk will usually be cheaper than the total amount of several inks individually, but also you just pay shipping for one time. Also remember to get extra black ink cartridges in case it runs out unexpectedly because you print too many documents in Black and White. We 123inkcartridges offer a number of HP ink cartridges in combo set, feel free to check it out.

TIP #5 – Remember to Use Your COUPON
The coupon you have will not increase its value if you lock it in a coffer, on the contrary, it may become invalid. So wake up your coupon now, and apply it to your purchase to get extra discount. For example: right now at our company 123inkcartridges, you could enjoy additional 10% off using our coupon code “hpink10

TIP #6 – Get FREE Shipping if Possible
To minimize the shipping cost from your total expense on HP ink cartridges, you shall keep an eye on the shipping policy of each ink cartridges supplier, because some of them offer free shipping under certain conditions. For instance, as long as your total purchase exceed $49.00 before tax, you could get free and fast shipping in 123ink.ca

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