Save the world, Make Sure You get left in dark!

Slowly but definitely, our earth is dying. Pollution can be found everywhere in our land, sea and air. People consume too much energy every day and night. Millions of tons of the carbon dioxide are eventually generated by our daily living and working.

As an individual, there are many things we can do to save our earth. On March 27th, 2010 8:30 P.M., let’s turn off our light for one hour to give the earth rest one more hour. You don’t have to be a green super-hero to do this… you just have to be you, you just have to care, and you just have turn your lights out for 1 hour. as an organization and all of our employees as individuals have signed up for this WWF event and promise to switch off the lights on 8:30P.M. March 27th,2010 for one hour. Let’s save the world and let our children have a wonderful place to live.

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