Get T069 Ink and Epson Workforce 610 On Sale!

The Epson Workforce 610 is on sale right now at Staples for only $149.94, while our matching cartridges, the T069 series, are on sale as well for 15.95. You save 50$ instantly on the Epson Workforce 610 printer and 5$ per T069 ink value pack. It’s a deal not to be missed!

The Epson Workforce 610 is an inkjet printer that comes with multiple functions. It has a built-in scanner and supports a wide range of movable storage devices, including USB storage and micro SD. It has a maximum print speed of 38 pages per minute, black and white or color. Its paper tray feeds 30 sheets at any given time. The printer supports both 802.11b/g and 802.11n wireless connection. It’s perfect for personal and small office use. The printer uses one of our best sellers, the T069 ink cartridges.
Epson T069 ink value pack on sale
Here at, we provide low price and high quality cartridges for the Epson Workforce 610 printer. Our T069 ink cartridges are among the most purchased throughout Canada. You can save a lot buying Epson Workforce 610 ink from us.

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