Best Wireless Printer: Lexmark X4596

Lexmark X4690 Printer

Lexmark X4690 Printer

Best Printer Ever!! The Lexmark X4690 Wireless All-In-One printer is the best printer for your home or office.

The Lexmark X4690 prints surprisingly fast and you’ll be done your print jobs in no time. The built-in flatbed scanner of Lexmark X4690 scans. A 1-touch copy and scan feature lets you scan without a PC. And Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software allows you to easily scan text documents into soft copy format. The flatbed scanner also lets you scan various media sizes and thicknesses. The memory card slots let you print from a variety of different memory cards, as does the integrated USB port. And with the OLED screen, you don’t even need a PC to do it.
Here, we will offer the current ink cartridges with the best price and good quality. The ink cartridges for Lexmark X4690 printer are use Lexmark 5 OEM Color Ink Cartridge (18C1960)and Lexmark 4 OEM Black Ink Cartridge (18C1974).
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