No More Doubt In Our Products

Some of our customers are curious why the series number of our product is different from the original products and why their printer model is not list on the box of our product. The suspicion in generic products is understandable because after all they are not manufactured by original company.

We apologize for this inconvenience, however, please note since most of our products are manufactured by third company rather than original, to avoid copyright infringement, the manufacturers could not use the same series number as original ones. However, they are of the same design and quality of original products, and the keyword of the products are the same. For example, the series number of  Brother TN-350 Black Toner Cartridge on our product reads as BTN2025/2000/350

As for the second question, you need to consider the limited space on the box which makes it impossible to provide all the information. While the unlimited possibility of internet makes it available for you. Even though our supplier might not be able to update the information on the box in time, you may check on our website and make sure everything is right before your purchase and to eliminate you doubt when you receive the product.

To check if the ink or toner cartridges are compatible for your printer or not, there are two methods to follow:
•    Input the keyword of your printer model (Brother MFC-295CN) in the search column, and click search, at the right side of the page you could find your printer model listed there, click on it, in the middle of the page, you will find the compatible ink or toner cartridges Brother LC61 for your printer.
•    Input the keyword of the ink or toner cartridges you received (Brother TN-360 Black Toner Cartridge), click search, in the middle of the page you will see the product, and click on it, you may find the printer model listed at the right side “Compatible Printer Models”

Hopefully this would help you identify the product. You may log in to our website for more information, also you may contact us by dial our toll free phone number 1-866-979-7463

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