General “trouble”of Epson Ink cartridges.

When you got a replacement error message after installing a new Cartridge:
Reason:This occurs because the cartridge has not clocked in place correctly.
Solution: Press the ink button and remove the cartridge. Try reinstalling the cartridge. Make sure you hear a click when you close the ink cartridge clamp. Don’t try to force the cartridge into place if you don’t hear a click; remove it and try installing it again.

How come that cartridge did not last as long as my previous one?
Reason: You may have changed your printer settings. Paper type, resolution and ink darkness will influence in the amount of pages you will be able to print.
Solution: If the light on the printer began flashing meaning that you have to replace the cartridge, then you have used the proper amount of ink. Epson printers do not function by means of weighing cartridges, or recognizing the amount of ink in a cartridge. The ink monitoring is based on the number of times the jets have fired.
High resolution prints, frequent cleaning cycles, and switching on and off the printer, are different ways for your ink indicator to go down.
The printer does not accept the cartridge, what is going on?
•    The cartridge may not be placed correctly in the printer:
Take the cartridge out of the machine and make sure there are no obstructions preventing the cartridge from sitting properly in the machine. Reinstall the cartridge. Check that it is sitting straight in the machine and that it is properly secure in its slot.

•    There must be something wrong with the connection between the cartridge chip and the chip reader in the printer:
In order to ensure a good a connection, take the cartridge out of the machine. Then, clean the cartridge chip with isopropyl alcohol in order to ensure a good connection. Remove any debris that is on the area in the machine that reads the cartridge chip, by blowing or with canned air.

•    Check the cartridge electronic chip is not damaged
Prevent bumping them and dropping them: the cartridge electronic strips are very sensitive and they can get easily damaged. They can get damaged even with one of your fingers. As there is no repair for this, you will have to get a new cartridge.

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