Brother Drum Units Arrive In Stock

It is known to all that no matter how good is the toner cartridge, without a long-lasting drum unit, your printer will disappoint you eventually. Drum unit is an indispensable part of a printer that need to be taken good care of, and when it comes to revive your printer after the exhaustion of your original drum units, you really need to make a discretion choice.

We 123 inkcartridges offer you a number of new compatible drum units with great quality but cost you much less than original drum units. Especially Brother drum units, which are the best sellers of drum units in our company. After the hot sell of boxing week, those drum units were out of stock for more than one week. However, considering the increasing demand of our customers, we immediately contacted our supplier and ordered more drum unites. They have arrived in stock now, please check the following links and enjoy the best quality of our products:

•    Brother DR-350 New Compatible Drum Unit: $54.50
•    Brother DR-360 New Compatible Drum Unit: $63.95
•    Brother DR-400 New Compatible Drum Unit: $44.50
•    Brother DR-500 New Compatible Drum Unit: $50.00
•    Brother DR-510 New Compatible Drum Unit: $50.95
•    Brother DR-520 New Compatible Drum Unit: $60.50
•    Brother DR-620 New Compatible Drum Unit: $69.99
•    Brother DR-250 New Compatible Drum Unit: $65.00

Also please note that even though those drum units are not on special now, the coupon code “123inkholiday” is still applicable, which would offer you an extra 5% off the regular price. For more information, please log in to our website You may also dial our toll free phone number 1-866-979-7463. Our customer services are more than happy to greet you.

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