Time for Brother LC21 is coming

The popularity of Multi-Function Printers has brought about a lot of convenience and advantages to our life. They not only enable us to send fax, make photocopy, print papers and make phone calls at the same time, but save us valuable space and time stocking related machines. However, they give rise to inconvenience as well. Therefore, choosing a proper machine turns out to be a critical choice.

When we decide to purchase a brand new printer, it is indispensable to consider the cost of the ink cartridges. Take a look at Brother LC21 in our company 123inkcartridges, you may find it a perfect solution for your plight. LC21 series are designed for Brother Multi-Function Printers specifically. The compatible printer includes Brother MFC-3100C, Brother MFC-3200C, Brother MFC-3200J, Brother MFC-5100C, Brother MFC-5100J, Brother MFC-5200C, Brother MFC-5200J, Brother MFC-580, Brother MFC-590, Brother MFC-880, Brother MFC-890.

As one of the reputable product of Brother ink cartridges, LC21 has inherited the outstanding performance of LC51,LC61, and LC41, which are the best sellers in our company. It provides unbeatable printing experience, while at the same time the capacity is also impressive which saves you from constantly changing and installing ink cartridges. Right now for only $12.49, you can get a full set of four colors. Brother LC21 New Compatible VALUE PACK LC21BK/LC21C/LC21M/LC21Y: $12.49. You may also purchase different colors respectively as you wish.

For more information regarding the products and boxing week promotion in our company 123inkcartridges, please refer to the following website, http://www.123ink.ca/, or dial our toll free phone number 1-866-979-7463.

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