Resetter in our store.

To Customers:
You need a chip resetter if you plan on refilling your ink cartridges, you DO NOT need a chip resetter if you are ordering new cartridges.Here we 123inkcartridges have the resetter which is with the price of $9.99. This chip resetter will reset any Epson ‘chipped’ cartridge (it is universal) so that you can refill it. The resetter has an enclosed battery that is good for thousands of resets. It is a simple 6 second procedure, comes with instructions. If for any reason you do not see your printer listed and you suspect it might have a chip, please call our toll free number: 1-866-979-7463. Check out super savers in case you have friends or family in a seperate location who needs one.
How important the Epson Resetter is.
Epson makes most of their new Inkjet cartridges with “smart chips” that send a signal to the printer when they are empty. This prevents the printer from recognizing a refilled cartridge as it still “remembers” the cartridge as being empty… But the Universal Epson Resetter will RESET this memory chip, allowing you to refill the cartridge and allowing the printer to recognize it as a brand new cartridge!

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