How to Solve “Your Email has been taken” Issue

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We got some feedback from customer who had problem placing the order. When they check out and enter all the information, the system warned that “Your Email has been taken”. Customers how had this issue may be confused since they are using the correct email address and password.

In fact, the customers having this issue were using the wrong purchasing approach. What they were trying to do is creating a new account for the order rather than placing the order with existing account. The email is taken because it is already been registered by him/herself.

So, we are providing the correct purchasing approach for existing customers:

1) Log in to your account in the following page first with your email address and password:

2) After you successfully login to your account, you will see your account info. On the right side, Click”continue shopping” and you will be lead to the homepage.

3) Now, you can select the items you need and put the quantity for it. After done with selecting, add the items to the shopping cart by clicking “Add to shopping cart“

4) Go to the “shopping cart” and click” Check out”

5)You will see all your shipping info is already there. Please double check your mailing address and phone number.

6) You need to enter your credit card info since we do not keep your credit card numbers.

7) Click”Next” to confirm page.

8)Click”Confirm” after you double check the order info.

9) Congratulation! Your order has been placed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our toll free phone number 1 866 979 7463

Again, we appreciate your company and look forward to do business with you in the future.

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