#93 or #99 for HP PhotoSmart C3180?

Currently, some customers who are using HP PhotoSmart C3180 have a issue when they try to find the correct compatible cartridges for their printer. If you search for HP C3180, you will see following three cartridges in the page: HP92 Black, HP93 Color and HP99 Photo color. You certainly do not have problem considering the black cartridge but you may get confused which color cartridge you should use.

Now, we provide this information to help you make the right selection. HP 93 is the regular color cartridge, which is inserting on the color slot. It is designed for regular color printing. On the other hand, HP99 is the photo color cartridge. The photo cartridge is used to improve subtle tones such as blue sky or skin tones when printing photo’s on glossy photo media. It replaces the black cartridge for printing photo’s. The photo cartridge has photo (dye based)black, light cyan and light magenta. This works in conjunction with the color cartridge for six ink photo printing.

So, if you only print regular paper, you should order HP92 and HP 93. If you are looking for cartridges for photo printing, you need order HP93 and HP99

Hope this information can help you purchase the suitable cartridge.

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