Trouble Shooting II

The printer always says toner low after replacing toner

  • When the printer first turns on, it looks at the cartridge chip. If it sees zero page count, then it checks the ac bias through the 2 contacts. If sit doesn’t see the voltage, it will give the error message. The front contact is toner out, the back one is toner low. The only time the printer checks for the sealing strip is when it sees a zero page count reading on the chip. If the cartridge has any kind of page count, you should be able to install it in the printer and you won’t get the message. That would explain why all the experiments we did trying to force the message didn’t work. BTW, putting the cartridge and running some pages won’t affect the chip since the printer doesn’t have any means of writing to it. What you need to do is get a used or empty toner cartridge and try it. If you still get the message or the page is blank, the the first thing to try would be the controller board.
  • If it prints without any problems just ignore the message.

If the cartridge is not 100% full

  • Because our products are not OEM, they are new compatible/ remanufactured. Sometimes, the chip would have the difference for reading the ink level. But our products have the exact same capacity as OEM. Do not worry about it. If you still can print, just ignore the message.  If you have any problems, please call us at 1-866-979-7463 or visit us online

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