Review of Lexmark E330 Printer

Lexmark E330 printer

Lexmark E330 printer

The Lexmark E330 printer delivers the best of Lexmark’s technology in a smaller version that provides up to 27 monochrome pages per minute. Lexmark E330 printer is powered by a 200 MHz processor and 32MB of RAM which allows you to print high-quality, complex print jobs quickly and affordably. Also, you will be happy to see how stylish the Lexmark E330 was. The body of the printer is mostly black with the top being silver.

Lexmark E330 printer comes standard with an input capacity of 250 sheets (expandable to 550), which is a great personal laser printer for your home or office. No matter how you use it, the Lexmark E330 delivers professional and high-quality output every time.

We can say the quality and speed of this printer are exceptional and would make the Lexmark E330 a welcome addition to any small business or home office.

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