How to Reset an Epson Ink Cartridge Chip

Many Epson ink cartridges come with an installed chip. When the cartridge runs out of ink, the chip is tripped and the cartridge won’t work in the printer anymore. One might think this means refilling the cartridge is pointless and a whole new one is needed. But it is possible to reuse this cartridge again. We have not only the universal refill kit but also the Epson chip resetter in stock. With these devices, you can refill and reuse your Epson cartridges.

Step 1
Refill the Epson cartridge with ink. This usually involves poking a hole in the label on top of the cartridge and injecting new ink into the chamber through the hole with a plastic syringe. You must tape over the outlet holes on the bottom before refilling, and tape over the holes you make afterward.

Step 2
Take your Epson chip resetter and find the ridges or notches on it. These are the resetting pins, and they should be located on the bottom of the device. They will likely be of different sizes for each individual cartridge type. Remove any plastic film covering the pins (see Resources below).

Step 3
Find the chip on the cartridge. It should be in the back of the cartridge, above the outlet holes. Line this chip up with the pins on the resetter.

Step 4
Press the resetter firmly against the cartridge so the pins firmly touch the chip. At this point, a LED light on the resetter should flash green. If it flashes red, separate the cartridge and resetter and try connecting them again.

Step 5
Hold the two together and wait for the light to start blinking and then go out. This should only take 3 to 6 seconds. The cartridge’s chip should now be reset.

Step 6
Test the cartridge in the printer as recommended by your refill kit’s instructions. This usually means running one to three cleaning cycles with the outlet holes still taped over. If you didn’t do this before resetting the chip, letting the cartridge sit for 24 hours will help the ink settle within it.

Enjoy your refill and reset procedure and save your money on

15 comments on “How to Reset an Epson Ink Cartridge Chip

  1. walter

    I find on this site resetter for epson but,it’s info :works with all 7 pin
    what about 9 pin epson cartriges for ARTISAN 50?

  2. kevinliu

    Dear Walter

    The chip resetter will work with 9-pin cartridges even if it only has 7 pins.
    We do not have any Continuous Ink Systems for sale.

    Customer Service

  3. sell products

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  4. Richard Hodgkinson

    I’m looking at “How to Reset an Epson Ink Cartridge Chip”posted June 9, 2009. My printer is an NX215 with cartriges T069 and T088.
    I wish to buy the correct resetter but the web page doesn’t say where or how.
    Information please.

    1. andrewlu

      Hi Steve,

      I believe we do have, regarding to the compatibility issue to your CS7450 model, I would recommend you to phone our customer service agent just to ensure that the item that you order will be 100% compatible. The phone number will be: 18669797463, thank you 🙂

  5. davy

    hi guys do you have a reseter of epson me 101?
    im in Philippines if hav..can I…? or you post here? pls..badly needed..davy


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