Different Design of Epson Compatible Ink

Recently we receive some question regarding to the Epson compatible ink cartridges, such as “Why the shape of the Epson compatible ink is little difference from OEM ones?”, “Why the appearance is littlie curved instead of rectangular?”, and “Is the cartridges compatible for my printer?” Don’t worry, for Epson T078 and T088 series, even though with different appearance, it is compatible for your printer.

As Epson always change the chip reader to protect their technology, our manufacturer has to make their own patent design. The following pictures show the difference between OEM Epson ink and our compatible patent design from MMC.

After purchasing Epson compatible cartridges, please refer to How to Install Epson Ink Cartridges for instructions.

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1 comment on “Different Design of Epson Compatible Ink

  1. Nels Boehme

    I get my Epson Cartridges from yo.
    Are these MMC cartridges re-inkable?
    I have purchased a re-setter but it does NOT work. The printer will not recognize the reset cartridge.


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