The Different Design of Patent and Normal CLI-8

Recently we receive some questions about “Why the volume of Canon CLI-8 series is 12.6ml compare to 13.8ml as before?”, and “Why the tearing paper is on the opposite side?” Don’t worry, it is the patent design of CLI-8 series of G&G. Even with less volume, it can yield more pages, because the patent design is more advanced.

1. The volume with 13.8ml is regular cartridge, it is the same as OEM one; the volume with 12.6ml is G&G patent cartridge. There is sponge in the cavity and it adsorbs some ink so that the output ink becomes less(Truth Between Ink Cartridges and Printer Companies). But the patent cartridge has not any sponge so that all of the ink inside is used for printing. After the test, it can yield even more pages than before, so don’t worry about the volume any more.

2. The place of the tearing paper is on the opposite side between our regular and patent in order to elude OEM design. That’s why the place of tearing paper is different including that our patent has not sponge in the cavity. All the cartridges are manufactured under the firm QC, so don’t worry about the tearing paper any more.

3. We do believe that the patent design of CLI-8 series is better than regular for all the aspects including new technology, yielding more pages, and more environment friendly, so it is reasonable of the same price.

CLI-8 Patent Design

CLI-8 Patent Design

4 comments on “The Different Design of Patent and Normal CLI-8

  1. L R

    I can tell you this is true. I am plesantly surprised that the G & G cartridges do last longer and the ink is great. Thanks 123 ink for supplying these!

  2. casperhe

    Thanks L R,

    Not only the cartridge last longer, also more environment friendly. That’s why we wanna do to make our earth a better place.

    123InkCartridges Service.

  3. Geoff Fenton

    Clue me in! Why isn’t the CLI 8 BK included here? Does the PG 5BK do all the work? Tell me tell me – I need to know now so I can order – Geoff

  4. kevinliu

    Dear Geoff,

    Thank you for your question.

    We have a different Value Pack which includes the CLI-8 BK. Since CLI-8 BK and PGI-5 BK works with different printer models, we have to keep them seperated so people wouldn’t order ink cartridges they can’t use.

    Thank you for your understanding

    123inkcartridges Customer Service


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