New arrival of HP 60 ink cartridges for HP F4280

Since HP DeskJet F4280 appears on the market, more and more customers choose this printer. HP DeskJet F4280 is an affordable, compact, and fast All-In-One printer. It did an excellent job on black-and-white as well as color graphics, and photos look great as well.

These days, we received a lot of inquiries or calls about the ink cartridges for HP DeskJet F4280. Currently we don’t have the compatible or remanufactured HP 60 ink cartridges, but now we have HP 60(CC640WC# 140) OEM Black Ink Cartridges & HP 60(CC643WC#140) OEM Tri-Color Ink Cartridges in stock.

HP 60 ink cartridges

HP 60 ink cartridges

The capacity of the HP 60 OEM ink cartridge is 4ml, which can print about 200 pages. HP 60 black and color ink cartridges can be used in a lot of popular HP printers, like HP DeskJet D1455, HP DeskJet D2500, HP DeskJet D2530, HP DeskJet D2545, HP DeskJet D2560, HP DeskJet D2660, HP DeskJet F4210 and HP Photosmart C4680.

At, we offer the HP 60 OEM ink cartridge for $39.99. If you have interest, now click here to get HP 60 ink cartridges from us.

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    1. andrewlu

      simply type hp 1102 printer and then you might be able to find the ink cartridges and being able to order it online

      Thank you for the support


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