Lexmark E350D printer and toner cartridges

Nowadays, the mono laser is an indispensable tool in your arsenal of office equipment. With their low prices and high quality, mono lasers are inching their way into home offices and onto the desks of paper writing college students.

lexmark E350D

lexmark E350D

The Lexmark E350D is very compact for a mono laser printer, measuring just 14 inches wide by 15.6 inches deep by 10.2 inches tall. It’s not that heavy, either, weighing in at a mere 25 pounds. The front-mounted control panel is simple, with just a two-line text LCD, a Cancel button, and five buttons to navigate the onscreen Menu. The Lexmark E350D is a little speed demon of a laser printer. It cranked out a text document at a rate of 24.13 pages per minute and a page of mixed text and graphics at an impressive 25.47ppm.

The Lexmark E350D printer is a great choice for a home office user or a college student who needs to crank out lots of text prints. The toner cartridge can be used in Lexmark E350D is E250A21A toner cartridge and E352H21A toner cartridge(High yield). Normally the E352H21A toner cartridge can prints about 9000 pages, what a great deal! E352H21A also compatibles with Lexmark E350, Lexmark E350DN & Lexmark E352.

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