Installing Epson T060, T069, T078, T088 Series

Headache again about installing Epson T060, T069, T078, T088 series ink? Don’t worry, just follow the instructions step by step, the problem will be solved.

Some people may ask “Why the procedure of replacing Epson ink are so complicated compare to other brand of ink?” Here is the answer. In order to protect their own technology, Epson changes the design of their chips every few months. So before placing orders for the Epson ink, here are some steps you need to follow.

First Step:

Check the manufacture date of your printer. See the knowledge of the check printer manufacture date. Because for T069 and T078 series, they are only compatible for printers manufactured before March 2007.

Second Step:

When installing Epson ink, you may face a problem such as “No Ink” or “Not recognized”, to solve such problem, here is the procedure you need to take:

  1. Turn on the printer; take out the old used cartridges
  2. Turn off the printer for a few minutes
  3. Turn on the printer, when it says “insert inks”, and then insert the compatible cartridges one by one,   making sure the inks are sitting completely in the slots.

If all the method fail to work, here comes to the final step:

Clean the head of the cartridge with an alcohol swab, and shake it lightly before fitting into the printer.  Finally, update the driver of the printer to make sure the most recent driver is compatible for all cartridges.

5 comments on “Installing Epson T060, T069, T078, T088 Series

  1. kevinliu

    Dear George

    There shouldn’t be anything you should change to make the cartridges work. If the cartridges are working properly, there is nothing to worry about. If the cartridges don’t work, then please give us more detailed information on your problem (printer error messages, visible defects on the cartridge, etc.)

    Thank you for asking.

    Customer Service

  2. helen thompson

    My printer is Epson 4800. I have 4 cartridges; the 1 black has a problem and won’t print. I’m trying to retrieve it or replace it but the operation of the mechanism won’t stop at the designated slot so I can remove it. I know I should not use any force. Can you help me, please? helen t.


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