3CPS-123InkCartridges.Ca Announcement I

Recently, we received many complaints about billing information. When customers receive their bank statements, some of them see “3CPS”, “3CPS Montreal QC”, or “3CPS Verdun QC”.  These customers may doubt what and who 3CPS is.

We need to put an announcement as below:
Our legal company name is 3CPS. Our address is located in Montreal, Quebec (QC), and we used to be in Verdun, Quebec (QC). Our website is 123ink.ca. 123InkCartridges.ca is a division of 3CPS Company. We will have more websites in the future, so we keep using 3CPS as our company name.
Again, our company name is “3CPS” which showed in your bank statement. Our website is “123ink.ca” where you buy cartridges for your printers.

If you have any questions about billing information, we’d like to help you. Please call our toll free number: 1-866-979-7463 or visit us online: http://www.123ink.ca

1 comment on “3CPS-123InkCartridges.Ca Announcement I

  1. andrewlu

    Hi Steve,

    We are very sorry to hear from this and now I am going to forward this and sort it out for you immediately, please accept our deep apology, this is not something that we expect to happen.



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