Arrival of PGI-220 & CLI-221 WITH CHIP Cartridges

GREAT NEWS! Now the new compatible PGI-220BK, CLI-221BK, CLI-221C, CLI-221M and CLI-221Y WITH CHIP ink cartridges are arrived in our warehouse. As Canon photo inkjet printers keep getting popular among Canadian customers, we may expect the selling of PGI-220 & CLI-221 series ink cartridges to expand in the near future.

PGI-220 & CLI-221 ink cartridges are compatible with dozens of Canon PIXMA series printers, such as Canon PIXMA IP 3600, Canon PIXMA IP 4600, Canon PIXMA MP 620, Canon PIXMA MP630, Canon PIXMA MP980 and Canon PIXMA MX860.

For WITH-CHIP PGI-220 & CLI-221 ink cartridges, you can install and use them as easy as install the OEM ones.

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8 comments on “Arrival of PGI-220 & CLI-221 WITH CHIP Cartridges

  1. Marcio

    Is it possible to buy only the chips for CLI 221 series?
    I had problems in the past and lost some chips. Also, I have an American IP4600 and I need to use European cartridges so I need the chips. Thanks a lot.

  2. kevinliu

    Dear Marcio,

    We regret to inform you that we do not sell chips only, we only sell cartridges with or without chips.

    Thank you for asking!

    123inkcartridges Customer Service

    1. vanessawang

      Hi Wendy,

      The Pixma MP560 takes PG220/CLI-221 ink cartridges.There are two kinds of cartridges for this model:with chip or without chip.We suggest that you buy with chip ones, so that you don’t need to change the chips buy yourself. With chip cartridges means cartridges come with chip, you just put into your printer, it will work.But no chip ones, you need to take the chip from your original cartridges and put the chip on the new cartridges by yourself.

  3. Fred Shaw

    When can i expect a sale on the A/n cartriges with a chip… PGI-220&CLI-221

    since i have been buying here there has never been a sale for the Canon 3600 models???


    Fred Shaw

  4. Paolo

    Hi, just registered on your website and am curious to know your current location in Lasalle, QC.
    Can I come to your co. and buy the products you offer on your website? If so, what are your days/hours of operation?


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