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Lexmark and Dell Ink Cartridges

PG and its Focus Brand Inkjet Cartridges

Our supplier PG’s Focus Brand remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges epitomize the quality and performance that our customers expect and count on. The Focus Brand conveys a clear-cut message of high standards with a commitment to environmental responsibility. Focus Brand Cartridges are the result of continuous investments, improvements and advancements in our employees, technology, systems & procedures as well as today’s customer expectations. PG is tireless in discovering and innovating new ways to produce a better cartridge and the Focus Brand Cartridges are the result of that effort. 





PG Office

PG Office

Most inkjet remanufactures operate in substandard facilities, using inferior processes & outdated equipment resulting in the production of highly defective products. PG inkjet cartridges are professionally produced in a certified 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest million dollar systems, top quality supplies, and in-house technological innovations that result in the creation of top quality, high performing reliable inkjet cartridges that are backed with a 100% guarantee.

PG Factory

PG Factory

Quality of Lexmark or Dell Ink Cartridges 

When it comes to PG’s main Philosophy, Quality, Quality, Quality would be it and the proof is on the printed page. Focus Brand inkjet cartridges are produced under stringent quality control procedures and strict testing guidelines. They are the best-remanufactured inkjet cartridges on the market.

Performance of Lexmark or Dell Ink Cartridges 

Focus Brand Inkjet Cartridges provide consistent and reliable performance down to the last ink drop. After all, PG’s quality control and testing departments do not work for itself; they work for our customers and have their full satisfaction in mind all the time. Its concentration on perfecting just inkjet cartridges allows it to perfect the remanufacturing process and the resulting product.

Value of Lexmark or Dell Ink Cartridges

For many years now PG’s Inkjet Cartridges have been considered an effective alternative to the expensive OEM cartridges, as well as the flood of sub-par and unreliable remanufactured cartridges on the market today. Focus Brand Inkjet cartridges meet the quality & performance of the OEM’s at substantial savings to our customers.

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  2. Linda Bowin

    I would like to be able to send my correct cartridges to a recycling facility. I have an old Dell A940, and I have experienced difficulty with recycled cartridges from Office Depot (when they still carried 7Y743) and more recently from Both sources had cartridges that would not function because of a slight difference in the pattern of the contacts, and had been mislabeled as the ones I needed. The cartridges are identical except for the contact differences, and it is not easily seen if you are not aware to look for it. I am not willing to turn in my correct ones to the recycling at Office Depot and risk them being discarded or lost in with the others that won’t work. I became aware of the Focus brand when I ordered from, and was delighted to have their guarantee of correct products or replacement. The last order from clickink only had 2 correct of 7 cartridges, and I never got that resolved. I would also like to send the full but incorrect ones I have for them to be identified correctly and returned to use. Do you accept cartridges from individuals for recycling?


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