Canon CLI-8 Ink How to Replace Chip

Canon CLI-8 series ink cartridges without chip and PGI-5BK ink cartridge without a chip are some of the best selling compatible ink cartridges of our store, 123 Ink Cartridges Canada. They are compatible with dozens of Canon Pixma series printers and Canon Pixus series printers, such as Canon PIXMA IP4500, Canon PIXMA IP4300, Canon PIXMA MP830, Canon PIXMA MP610, Canon PIXUS IP4300 and Canon PIXUS MP500.

Some customers sent inquiries to us asking about what does the “no chip” mean. No chip means that you need to replace the chips from the original OEM (genuine) Canon PGI-5BK or CLI-8 series ink cartridges to the new compatible ink cartridges. There is a page in our cartridge box with very detailed and easy-to-follow instructions to show you how to replace the chip. Or you can click the following picture to see the instructions:

Click to enlarge the picture

Click to enlarge the picture

If you encounter a blinking amber light after new cartridge installation on the printer.

  • For IP Series Printers: Holding the paper feed button down for 3-5 seconds, will allow you to override the counter. The cartridge will print, however, the ink level display may not show.
  • For MP Series Printers: Holding the STOP/RESET button down for 3-5 seconds, will allow you to override the counter. The cartridge will print, however, the ink level display may not show.

6 comments on “Canon CLI-8 Ink How to Replace Chip

  1. Andre Thibault

    Looks like I might have damaged the chips somehow. How can I provide myself with new chips. The system tells me that there are duplicate colours and it won’ print. I originally ordered the ones with no chips by mistake, what a mess!!!! Your comments on how to solve this would be appreciated.


    Andre Thibault

  2. wendyj

    Dear Andre,

    Personal suggestion, next time please order with chip cartridges, they get less problems and easier to use.

    Thanks for understanding!

    Customer Service

  3. Richard Dykes

    I am disapointed that neither of my questions were answered directly. Many of the OEM cartridges are available with low volume and higher volume inks!!!

    1/. what is the volume of ink in your cartridges?
    2/. Do you have “low” volume ink and also higher volume ink cartridges?
    3/. If so, how does a purchaser identify the volume of ink?
    If you cannot answer these specific questions – I will look elsewhere to buy!

    Thank you

    R. Dykes

    1. andrewlu

      we should strongly recommend you to contact to our cusotmer service and they will have tech ppl who can fully answer all your question

  4. John Znider

    I have a cannon MP530 printer and am having trouble replacing the chip set . Is there a site that deals with the Mp530 printer and C008 cartridges?


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