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Network Cable Buying Guide for Black Friday

Network cables are used to connect computers to networks, modems, or routers via a wired connection. As we all know, under normal circumstance, wired connection are more stable and reliable than wireless connection. Choosing the right cable for your home

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Your Best Black Friday Deal to Buy Network Cable Online

Black Friday 2015 may have ended, but experienced deal shoppers know that hot sales are available year-round on primecables.com. Now, a new Black Friday in 2016 is coming, the only thing could you make sure is that you have a

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Christmas Countdown 2015, Stay Tune for the Best HDMI Cable Deal from PrimeCables 

Christmas is coming, what is the most worth buying this day? If you need a  HDMI cable, come in and stay tune for the best deal from PrimeCables.ca, which offer cheaper cables than any traditional brick-and-mortar store. The life durable goods

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The Best Network Cables Deals at Cyber Monday

On Black Friday, many stores will offer big discount to attract customers. All of us will be fascinated by the various discounts and the various of products which make most of us will buy a lot of things on Black

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Importance of Testing Network Cable

Nowadays, Internet is widely used in business and daily life, especially the broadband Internet, is the most used way of Internet, can provide an access of high speed for business users or individual users. Network connectivity is of great importance

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Importance of A Good Network Cable

Twenty years ago, the computer industry is comparatively backward, most business were still run on paper, at that time the working efficiency was not high, and it was not easy to make a cooperation among countries. Nowadays, the era is

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Pick the Right Cable for Your Home Network

While selecting a cable to support your home network, you should know that there are several types of patch cables. These common types of network cables include:Cat5 / Cat6 / Cat7 cable. These cables are all very helpful to people

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Something You Should Know About DIY Network Cable

Some people like to make network cables by themselves instead of buying the ready-made cables. It is not just because they enjoy the process of building something, but also because making a network cable is comparatively less expensive than buying

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How to Prolong the Life of Your Network Cable?

Network cables are not expensive. Therefore, many people will not pay so much attention to maintaining them. However, network cables’ not working may cause so many unexpected problems which will greatly influence your life. For example, you can not continue your

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Some Useful Skills for You to Choose a Network Cable

The people who use computers only to scan some normal websites may not be so concerned about their internet speed. But for those who like playing computer games or like watching the movie with HD graphic quality on their computers,

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