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Cyber Monday Tips: Don’t Buy HDMI Audio Cable in Store, Buy it Online!

primecables.com has been a Cyber Monday favorite for years. The only thing could you do is that to make sure you have a chance to shop deep discounts on the products what you want on Cyber Monday. Consistently offering fantastic

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How to DIY Multi-Pin Audio Cables ?

Generally headphones, microphone, music equipment and home entertainment systems require multi-pin connector on the audio cable. For example, when you need to change your current device connectors or cable or connector is damaged, compared to buying a new one, you

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Difference between Audio and Component Video Cables

Even there is High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and cables, the quality analog audio and component video interconnects are still a need. Although component video is found to be decreasing frequency on the modern components, it is really capable of

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4 in 1 Home Theater Accessories Bundle On Sale

With today’s unstable economy,everyone is looking for ways to save money. People have gotten creative and come up with all kinds of ideas to save a buck or two. Saving just a little bit here or there can really add

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Where to choose your professional audio cable online ?

Looking for professional audio cable online? From now on you will be able to order professional audio cables with the cheapest price from 123inkcartridges.ca.We offers an extensive selection of Audio Cables,Whether you are looking for Toslink Audio Cables, Digital Coaxial

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Types of DVI Cables

A DVI (digital visual interface) is a socket found on a PC that connects to a monitor. It is a video only interface Types DVI is one of the most common connection ports on large-screen (LCD) monitors. DVI has three

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